Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And HE shall divide the SPOIL with the STRONG...

IMG_0010   "Out of the SPOILS won in battles did they dedicate to maintain the house of the LORD." 1 Chronicles 26:27

I am nearing the end of memorizing Isaiah 53... today was the last verse of the chapter. It has taken me several weeks, though I thought I would be able to memorize it much quicker. Yet I am not disappointed it took me this long... rather I am glad. I want the WORD of God to dwell richly in my heart.

I am not looking to rush my memorization, for the mere fact of memorizing... I want God's WORD to change me. Isaiah 53 has been such a tremendous blessing to me, that  I wish I could prolong my time reflecting on this beautiful, beautiful chapter.

Today I reflected on the last verse where God the Father gives the Lord Jesus a portion with the great... and the Lord Jesus in turn divides the spoil with the strong. The spoil that was won in the "battle"... through the Lord's sufferings, afflictions, oppression and ultimately His death. The battle has redeemed us into His Kingdom... the house of the Lord.

What a beautiful thought to reflect on... Jesus has conquered the evil one. The battle has been won! And the spoils have been rewarded to us... imagine that! We are rich in blessings and salvation.

We, too, can rejoice that through our earthly trials here, we are more than conquerors through HIM that loved us.(Romans 8:37) The spoils won from our battles here on earth will bring about a far greater glory in eternity.

What a joy to trust the Father to divide us a portion of His unfailing love.... wherever He places us, whatever the circumstances, however He deems best. Lord, give us the strength to face the day... with a victorious song.

Lord you've  taken all the shame for us

Our sins upon Thee marred Thy beauty

You took our guilt upon the cross

For in full view you showed Thy pity.


The crown of thorns, the scoffing from below

A man of sorrows  left alone

To bear the load Thy blood did flow

That through Thy death we might be born.


You've brought salvation to many a soul

Through love you  satisfied the  Father's will.

And by Thy resurrection we are made whole

Clean, forgiven and rejoicing ever still. 

Ellie 3/26/14

  May you be strong in the LORD today... and know the battle has already been won!


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