Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Will Praise the name of God with a SONG...


" I will praise the name of GOD with a SONG, and will magnify HIM with thanksgiving. This also shall please the LORD better than an ox or bullock that hath horns and hoofs. "  Psalm 69: 30, 31

Reading this verse recently gave me reason to sing a new song to the LORD today. What a wonderful reminder it is to sing praises to our God... who delights in praise and adoration.... better than sacrifice.

A couple of days ago, when I was struggling with an anxious heart my good friend called me to share this song with me. I hadn't heard the words before, but when I read the whole hymn I was uplifted and encouraged with hope.

So I'm sharing the words to the song... in the hopes that it will encourage you as well. It will be a reminder to me of my friend's caring heart, and ultimately my Saviour's LOVE for me.

Jesus Took My Burden

When I, a poor lost sinner, before the Lord did fall,
And in the name of Jesus for pardon loud did call.
He heard my supplication, and soon the weak was strong;
For Jesus took my burden and left with me a song.

Oft-times the way is dreary and rugged seems the road.
Oft-times I'm weak and weary when bent beneath some load.
But when I cry in weakness, “how long, O Lord, how long”?
Then Jesus takes the burden and leaves me with a song.

Yes, Jesus took my burden I could no longer bear;
Yes, Jesus took my burden in answer to my prayer.
My anxious fears subsided; my spirit was made strong,
For Jesus took my burden and left me with a song.

When I was crushed with sorrow, I bowed in deep despair;
My load of grief and heartache seemed more than I could bear.
Twas then I heard a whisper, “you to the Lord belong”,
Then Jesus took my burden and left me with a song.

I'll trust Him for the future. He knoweth all the way;
For with His eye He'll guide me along life's pilgrim way;
And I will tell in heaven while ages roll along,
How Jesus took my burden and left me with a song.

REV. Johnson Oatman (1856-1922)

May you feel your burdens lifted up by our Lord Jesus... who bore our griefs and carried our sorrows.


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