Thursday, March 13, 2014

Who is so GREAT a God as our GOD?


" Your righteousness, God, reaches to the heavens, you who have done great things. Who is like you, God? "  Ps. 71:19

After reading Psalm 77 this morning, I stopped a bit and reflected on the verse that asks the question, " Who is so great a God as our GOD?" vs. 13. I meditated on God's power seen in everything around us... the nature is full of HIS glory. And I also reflected on HIS faithfulness to HIS people.... throughout all generations. OH, how true... there is none besides HIM!

Before stepping out to face the day, I began singing a few words of praise to my LORD... before long I thought the words went so well, that I took a pen to jot down my thoughts in free prose. In a matter of minutes I wrote a 4 stanza song as a praise to GOD... who is the only one deserving of our praise.  May HIS great power be enough for us today, for HE carries us in the palm of HIS hand.

O, LORD you are mighty 

O, Lord you are great 

 You are the only one

 Deserving of our praise


Your hand always protects us,

You guide us on our path,

To keep us from all ill

And satisfy our hearts.


O, LORD you are gracious,

O, LORD you are faithful,

Your mercies never fail

We honor you today.


Thank you Lord Jesus,

For dying on the cross

Redeeming us forever

To thine eternal care. 

~Ellie 3/13/14

May you know how GREAT our GOD is today... HE can accomplish anything that comes your way.


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