Friday, April 11, 2014

O visit me with THY SALVATION...


" Nevertheless HE saved them for HIS name's sake, that HE might make HIS mighty power to be known." Psalm 106: 8

Oh, that I might praise the LORD all the days of my life! How wonderful that God's mercy is everlasting... that He saves us from all ill.

" Save us O LORD our GOD, and gather us from among the heathen, to give thanks unto THY  HOLY name , and to triumph in THY praise" Psalm 106:47

Do you ever find yourself forgetting God's blessings?

Have you ever felt His mighty arm of protection over you ... from temptation, from accidents, from speaking guile, from making wrong decisions, from all sorts of evil? Have you felt His goodness to you.... through healing of diseases, in monetary blessings, in food for the body, in joys of school accomplishments, experiencing the beauty of traveling, being blessed with children, or having the ability to see, hear or walk? I'm sure we have all experienced the LORD's goodness in many of these blessings ... if not all.

But how soon we forget God's love to us... when things don't go our way. How we murmur against HIM. How unthankful and wicked we are... desiring what our flesh craves, against God's will.

Yet, God sometimes gives us what we want... He did just that with the people of Israel, when they were discontent with God's provisions in the wilderness. They weren't happy. They wanted more.  They forgot God's works. They waited NOT for HIS counsel. They lusted EXCEEDINGLY in the wilderness. And what did GOD do?

" ... He gave them their request; BUT sent leaness into their soul." Psalm 106:15

Sometimes we don't know what we want.

LORD, help me to be at rest in your will for me. Save me from mine own folly... make me to love your will for my life, even when I may desire otherwise. I desire NOT leanness in my soul... but a soul filled with gratitude for your name's sake!

May you be content with God's will for your life today... and may you KNOW HIS SALVATION.


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