Friday, May 9, 2014

You are the GOD of heaven, not?


" Praise the LORD; for HIS mercy endureth forever."  2 CHRONICLES 20:21

While  meditating on the 20th chapter of second Chronicles, I was deeply touched at God's provision for His people. Even when the people were in the midst of fear from their enemies, God was merciful. At first glance, victory over the enemy was quite impossible... the numbers were against them. How often I find myself in the same situation... fearful in the hand of the enemy. But God reminds us to be still. He will fight for us... and win the battle!

In my thankfulness to God, I decided to jot down a poem of sorts. He is the God of heaven, is He not? He can do ALL things!



When everything around us seems to sway

And fears arise within our hearts.

We see our strength can sometimes falter,

From many swift and flying darts.


And thus we find ourselves no longer strong

With things that come and cloud our way.

Amidst it all we lift our eyes on thee O Lord,

And bow accepting what ever may.


You are the God of heaven, not?

And in Thine hand is there not might?

We cry to Thee and Thou wilt hear

For we by faith shall live, and not by sight.


In our affliction Thou art always near,

You ask  of us to  just be still.

In truth , salvation comes from Thee,

And so we kneel and  bow before Thy  will.


You have  a plan to rescue us

Thy Word is true, we can be strong.

"The battle is not yours, but mine."

O Lord forgive, for we've been wrong!


We praise your name, O Lord

Our way's  established from all ill

To Thee be glory, praise and honor 

As we abide before Thee still.


In Thee is victory indeed,

Our battle has been won.

We put our trust and hope in Thee

To find all  fear is slowly gone. 

~Ellie 5/6/2014

May you know the God of heaven and rejoice that we have victory  through Him.


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  1. What beautiful photos you have on your site. I could rest in them forever, blessings,