Friday, May 23, 2014

He maketh the STORM a CALM, so that THE WAVES therof are STILL....

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" They reel to and fro... and are at their wit's end. " Psalm 107:27

I've been trying to memorize my verses in 1 Corinthians 13. The chapter that is so well known. But it's hard. Awfully hard.

LOVE. What is love?

Lord, do you mean I am nothing... if I have not love? It's hard to be nobody in the eyes of men. To seek not mine own. That's hard.

All the knowledge, all the understanding, all the work I do... is it for nought... if I have not love?

How can I be happy for someone else who gets to have everything so easily... they've been blessed far more than I have. They are talented, wealthy, ... and their life seems so in order.

How can I just look past someone's hurtful remark and not withdraw. Don't they know how I feel? Don't they see how hard I  try.

I've run to and fro... and sometimes was at my wit's end... trying to show love and kindness and been bruised instead. All for man's approval.... but where were YOU in all my running?

" For do I now persuade men, or GOD? or do I seek to please men? For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ."

Galatians 1:10

It's not easy to love. It's not easy to forgive, It's not easy to think no evil. If only I can be STILL... and allow the LORD to calm the waves in my heart.

I know God has a work to complete in me. My desire is to live the LOVE chapter... not to simply memorize it. It may take me some time, but I know my faithful LORD will perfect that which concerns me today. HE will try me. HE will bring about trials that will test me.... but HE will also help me to know HIS word and lead me by the hand... so that one day I may know in full, Him who loved me as HIS own.

The LORD was so gracious to send a song to me this morning as I was listening to the radio and preparing breakfast... I stopped and listened. It became my prayer.

Make me an instrument LORD... for your kingdom . Make me to love, as you love.... for you are LOVE.

Take Me, Lord

Take me, Lord, use me now.
Draw me close, O Lord.
Give me godly understanding of your Holy Word.
Let me live so close to you
Others, too, may see
Jesus’ love and great compassion
Shining forth in me.

Use me, Lord Jesus,
Now for your glory.
May all I say and do
Glorify your name.


When my heart suffers pain,
Jesus lingers near.
He will give me peace within
And whisper, “I am here.”
When I falter on my way,
He will take my hand.
Then, so gently He forgives me.
He will understand.


Take my life day by day
Yielded Lord to you.
Take my hands to labor gently
Bringing others, too.
Take my lips to sing Your praise
Worship only You.
Showing love to those
Who need the love of Jesus, too.

By Roma J. Schankweiler


May God's perfect LOVE dwell richly in your heart today... and may you please God above all else.



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