Thursday, February 6, 2014

A new chapter in my life....


I've been meaning to share my personal walk with my King for some time now. I've long thought about sharing little tidbits from my personal life, tidbits that have blessed and encouraged me. Most importantly, I've wanted to write about what means most to me... my Lord, and my God.

I've been so blessed to know the love of the heavenly Father. To know the forgiveness of sins. To know the love of the Lord Jesus Christ... my Saviour. To know the guidance of God's Holy Spirit. Why not write it down? And so, I start a new chapter in my life... won't you join me? It will be my journey. My thoughts. My walk with the King.



  1. I LOVE and adore your blog!!!!! (from a fellow original MT gal!)

  2. Stephanie, Thank you for your tender heart... and for your uplifting and encouraging comments. I read all of them and was blessed by each:).

    May the Lord bless you!