Friday, January 2, 2015

O Give thanks unto the LORD...

O give thanks unto the LORD; For He is good; 
For His mercy endureth for ever.... 
Who remembered us in our low estate, 
For His mercy endureth for ever." 
Psalm 136: 1,23


I Thank Thee Precious Lord

I bring to Thee my grateful prayer
A loving Father, who's been so near. 
Thy constant love so pure and rich, 
Gave life and peace all this past year.
No words are e'er enough, 
The love that changed my ways. 
Thy outstretched hand did steady me, 
Sufficient grace supplied my days.
The year with testings of all kinds,
Brought trials I ne'er once sought.
But each has built a faith in me,
 In a God that changest not.
Thy Word was peace amongst my fears,
Gave strength to trust Thy perfect will.
Content my Father always hears,
My heart was found to praise Thee still.
I ask that in the year to come, 
That Thou wouldst hear my prayer.
 Be it in sorrow or in joy, 
I'd fully trust Thy loving care.
Ellie 12/31/2014

May you experience God's blessings, comfort and peace in the new year... 

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