Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yet, I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the GOD of my salvation.

" The LORD GOD is my strength,
 and He will make my feet like hinds feet 
and He will make me to walk upon mine high places..." 
Habakuk 3:19

In a world of darkness, despair, hopelessness, the light of God's Word shines bright.  What peace I was given recently ... just through a verse that reflects God's never ending love towards me.

When the world offers no hope, no joy, no peace, where can one find a haven of rest?

A deep sigh of peace and contentment washed over me as I read the verse that brought so much peace to me recently...

It was a simple promise, a simple sentence... but packed with God's love and mercy!

"When I awake, I am still with Thee." Psalm 139:18b

I often reflect on how comforting God's Word has been to me over the years.

Through trials...
Through moments of uncertainty...
Through moments of hurt...
Through moments when I lacked simple faith...
Through moments when I was without strength.

God's Word has always been a haven of rest for me... nothing gave me more peace than to know that the God of heaven watches over me, and knows my every need.

There were many times when I just held the scriptures in my hand... and could not read from the burden and overwhelming trials in my life. But God's word never failed... as it slowly brought light and peace to a soul dependent on a most merciful and loving God... a God who never forsakes or leaves His own.

Have you ever encountered moments in your life where you were simply too burdened? Where tears brought about sleep  to a tired body... only to wake and know the Lord was with you still? And found His word sufficient for your need? 

As I grow older, I realize how powerful and necessary it is for God's Word to dwell in my heart. To always desire His Word... and to hunger for it. It is the food that my spirit needs... to be reminded that the trials of today are only for a moment.

I must feed my spirit... where hope, joy, faith, humbleness, righteousness, and all things lovely dwells.
I must starve my flesh... where fear, anxiety, pride, lack of trust, wickedness and all iniquity dwells.

Only God's presence through His Word can give light in a world of darkness and pain.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." 
Psalm 119:105

What comfort to depend on His Word to lighten our path.

May God's WORD be a delight to you today... and may His Light be a tower of strength.


  1. yes yes yes! I have!!!! I have had times of such utter darkness that His Word was the only light I could seen and prayers of friends sustained me until the morning.....that verse is just so beautiful...when I awake, thou art still with me.....just ah! beautiful!

  2. Stephanie, So glad the verse was encouraging to you as well... Hoe powerful the Word of God is to us. A light in our darkness:)...

    May you be encouraged to cleave to our mighty God... who never leaves nor forsakes us:)!