Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"... beware lest thou forget the LORD, which brought thee forth... from the house of bondage.

" And thou shalt do that which is right and good in the sight of the LORD; 
That it may be well with thee... " 
Deuteronomy 6:18

Today is the 17th anniversary of our car accident... the critical car accident my husband and I had during our honeymoon. Has it been that long? Sometimes it feels like yesterday...

I'm thinking about God's goodness towards us today. How our heavenly Father watched over us. Protected us. Comforted us. 

I look back with tears of gratitude... for the accident. Yes, the accident.

I'm grateful for the lessons learned  during a most difficult time in my life. For you see... God, in His love, brought about a trial in our lives... for our own good. And I don't want to forget it. His mercy and steadfast love that carried us through... that brought us together and knitted our hearts to cherish the gift God gave us.

But most importantly, during this time, I'm also thinking about the precious gift God gave us... His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing compares to His sacrificial love... for which I'm forever grateful!

I've been reading through Deuteronomy... chapter 6 to be exact. And I've been touched with a special verse that made me realize how sometimes forgetfulness creeps in my life... 

I forget to have a thankful heart... for the deliverance of my soul... from the bondage of sin. I confess I take it for granted sometimes...

Do you ever find yourself forgetting to have a thankful heart? Not just merely for the physical "things"... but for God's love in bringing us out of our spiritual bondage. Where would we be... all shackled up?  

Reading through chapter 6 in Deuteronomy, I immediately thought of the spiritual application in my life...God's commandments to the Israelites are valid for me as well. 

I am to love the LORD ...with all my heart, will all my soul, with all my might.   

And God warns us not to forget where He has brought us from... 

"Then beware lest thou forget the Lord, 
Which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, 
From the house of bondage." 
Deut. 6:12

Interestingly God uses quite a strong word... Beware

I confess it gets to be quite easy to forget God's blessings... we forget to honor Him with a grateful heart. 

Oftentimes we get caught up with other things that cloud our minds. Sometimes we may even think the blessings we have are deserved. 

And we forget that GOD is the one that preserves us alive. 

It's for my own good.... To fear the LORD. To honor Him with praise. To do that which is right and good in His sight. 

That it may go well with me...

"And the Lord commanded us to do all these statutes, 
To fear the Lord our God, 
For our good always, 
That He might preserve us alive, 
As it is at this day." 
Deut. 6:24

Nothing we have is ours. God has given us ALL things. 

He alone deserves our gratitude, our obedience, our reverence. 

Our God is mighty... and with His mighty, outstretched arm... has delivered us from the bondage of sin. 

Father, thank you for your mercy that endures for ever!

" And it shall be our righteousness, 
If we observe to do all these commandments 
Before the Lord our God, 
As He hath commanded us."
 Deut. 6:25

May you remember the Lord's goodness to you today... to do what is right and good in HIS sight.

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