Wednesday, April 6, 2016

HE will keep the feet of His saints...

" He RAISETH the poor out of the dust, and LIFTETH up the beggar from the dunghill to set them among princes and to make them inherit the THRONE OF GLORY..." 1 Samuel 2:8

Today I woke up with a verse on my mind. After struggling to sleep through the night, I managed to finally fall asleep during the early morning hours. Sometimes, I think I can get through trials and afflictions victoriously... and yes, sometimes I do with the Lord's help.

But there are times, when I struggle to keep my focus and look beyond the trial of the day. Even when I constantly remind myself to lift up my eyes and head upwards, I find myself weak, and fearful, and anxious...

You know, the only peace that I get, comes not from distracting my thoughts with empty earthly "joys"... but rather, repeating and going through memory verses in my mind. The sleepless nights are made better only when the word of God dwells in me... giving me peace as only the Lord can.

So this morning, I abruptly woke up... with a verse on my mind.  And even though I didn't get all the necessary physical rest, I woke up refreshed spiritually. 

... and my heart was at peace! 

How the Lord works... even when I sleep He refreshes my mind and heart. 

" But his delight is in the law of the Lord; 
and in his law does He meditate day and night." 
Psalm 1:2

It was as if the Lord had instantly placed me on a solid ROCK... and reminded me... that I ought to continue to place my hope in Him alone....even when overwhelmed. What a gracious Lord to remind me that in His WORD alone I should delight!

How precious these moments are... when He alone works,  when He directs our eyes heavenward and comforts us through His Holy Word.

I found myself reading through Psalm 119 later on during the day... and 2 verses stood out with so much truth. 

Yes, His WORD does strengthen and comfort...

 " My soul melteth for heaviness; 
strengthen thou me according to THY WORD." 
Psalm 119:28

" This is my comfort in my affliction: 
for THY WORD hath quickened me." 
Psalm 119:50

Oh precious Father, thank you for keeping us in your protection and love. Thank you for redirecting our eyes towards the One who alone is able to place us on a solid foundation. Thank you for the peace given when in your presence. Help us to thank you even for the trials and afflictions that come our away, for thou art good and doest good.

May you be encouraged to bring your burdens before the Lord and find rest in His presence... trusting that He can do everything, and that no purpose of His can be withheld. (Job 42:2)


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