Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I AM with thee, and WILL KEEP thee in ALL places whither thou goest...

" The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: HE shall preserve thy soul. " Psalm 121:7

This morning as I was going about my daily chores, I heard a song that lifted my heart to praise the LORD. I quickly made a point to find the song online and jot it down...

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of your MANY thoughts... and struggling to keep your head above the waters?  

There are many trials... and many afflictions in our lives. Sometimes we find ourselves thinking upon them in such great length(!), that our spirit can only naturally be weighed down.

 A heavy heart stooped with the "loads and cares" of this world...

 " Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop:
 but a good word maketh it glad." 
Proverbs 12:25

So while in the midst of my many thoughts...  for it seemed that in the split of a second, I had allowed myself to be fully immersed in the cares  and worries of the day(s)... I heard this song playing in the background. 

Such peace flowed over me! How easily I had forgotten that my God watches over me...

My heavenly Father knows my every need... and will not allow anything to come upon me that He does not will. And that which He does allow is only for my good... for my growth... for my perfection in holiness and righteousness.

Isn't our LORD GOD so good... to help us in our weakness and give us the strength to look upward and find rest in His mighty arm? 

I was so thankful for the peace He gave me in the midst of my many thoughts... that I hope this little reminder in the song will help you as well... and encourage you to know that our God in heaven watches over His own.

In This Old Troubled World
Author: Paul Sandberg

O how good to know that God in heaven
Watches over His children from above.
They are objects of His tender mercies
Safely they are kept in His love.

In this old troubled world, my God is near us
And when we bow in prayer, He'll always hear us.
From every stormy wind, His love will hide us.
In this old troubled world our God will guide us.

Though on earth we've trial and tribulation,
Though there's much that would our hearts alarm,
He who feeds and cares for the little sparrow,
Will protect His own from every harm.

Father, how good and kind you are in renewing your faithfulness towards us each and every morning! Thank you for your presence in our lives and reminding us that you will be with us always. We praise you for the grace given us to overcome the trials and afflictions that come our way. Thank you for your care and protection over us. 

May your heart be joyful in the Lord's mighty power to guide your path and protect you from all harm.

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